Friday, 29 July 2011

finding time & etsy

finding the time to blog is not as easy as I first thought. To be honest having a toddler means that finding the time to do anything isn't easy, or is it a question of being more organised.....I can never tell. I guess I can safely say my priorities have certainly changed, and for the better I might add. All time I have with my daughter is precious, as is the time I have to myself. I have to make sure that I make most of both. I am so inspired by friends of mine who either raise children on there own or have more than one; or in the case of one of my best friends, have 4! Organisation either becomes a military operation, or goes out the window completely!

Isla started nursery this week. I have the distinct feeling it was alot harder on me than it was on her! I had no idea it would hurt so much to leave her. Don't get me wrong I leave her with friends and family without a second thought and she loves it, but somehow leaving her with strangers in a nursery setting is a whole different matter. Still, having a day to myself once a week has helped me to (finally) get my jewellery business off the ground. I've been toying with this for ages now and a well meaning soul gave me a kick up the arse a while back to actually get it done, so I have. Enjoy x

I work mostly with fine silver and gemstones, creating one off pieces with nature as inspiration. I'm hoping to get alot more pieces listed over the next few weeks. I just hope they are well received....

fingers crossed!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Monday, 18 July 2011

I love the rain!

I know its meant to be summer and everyone's missing the sun, but the garden loves it and on days like this, so do I!